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Plastic tray molding process and production process

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
8 pounds Normal0 plastic moulding technology molding, is to have heat melting into mould material injection, via the method of forming product resulting from the cooling and solidification.
an execution, plastic injection molding in the following order:
1, 2, 3, injection mould clamping pressure, cooling mould opening 5, 6, 4 to take out the products

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2, injection molding machine
plastic injection moulding machine can be divided into clamping device and injection device.
clamping device is open and close mold to perform stripping operations, but also have a way to toggle, as shown and the use of hydraulic cylinder directly open and close mold way of direct pressure. Injection device is the resin to be heated to melt into the mould again after this time, to rotate the screw, and let into the hopper of the resin as shown in the screw front end, after stroke storage is equal to the amount of resin required to shoot again. When the resin flow in the mould, then control the movement of the screw speed and after filling resin with pressure ( Pressure protection) To control. When reaching a certain screw position or a certain injection pressure is from the speed control switch to control pressure.

related pictures are as follows:

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3, injection mold tooling refers to: to resin material to make some kind of shape, and to undertake injection into resin metal type although not shown in detail records, but in fact there are several empty hole, with warm water, oil, heater temperature control, etc. Has dissolved material from the gate into the mould through the passage again and fill in the mold cavity flow gate. Followed by cooling engineering and open moulding mold release lever on the mold off the template, ejector molded products.
related pictures are as follows:

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forming four, injection molding products product is by the gate, import, flowing into the melted resin flow and products division of mold cavity. As a result of a forming operation can only make a product, so the efficiency is not high. If can use link flow several module slot, can at the same time, forming a number of products. At this point, when the length of the duct flow in a cavity at the same time, can't fill resin at the same time, and most of the mold cavity dimension, appearance, physical properties are different, so usually will flow design into the same length.
related pictures are as follows:

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