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Plastic tray need to do protection measures in the refrigerator

by:Qusheng     2020-11-07
At present, as the environmental protection and very stringent requirements of the export products, the plastic pallet with goods packaging export transportation has become a common phenomenon. At home, before the use of plastic pallet is limited to internal use. Mechanized revolving homework instead of the traditional manual handling, under the rising market of human capital. Tray with forklift do turnover has become a logistics essentials of business department. Tray work progress task efficiency, reduce artificial handling the turnover of capital, product reduced the capital for the enterprise, the product of the progress of competitive advantage. And plastic tray in terms of inventory management, facilitate the consistent, the progress of enterprise image. Further laying the foundation for the enterprise, at the same time, promote the development of technology, improve the quality of the plastic tray.
refrigerator plastic pallet, just as its name implies is plastic tray should be used in low temperature cold storage, which requires the Plastic collapsible cratemust be resistant to low temperature, and antifreeze, the procurement refrigerator plastic tray need to pay attention to what? Small make up today, and everyone together to explore the use of cold storage plastic pallet information.
1, cold storage, the material of plastic tray must be pure raw material
plastic tray made of pure raw material and reworked material two kinds, the current market on the tray is a mixture, mostly is part of the pure part of raw material and mixing raw material processing, the tray temperature commonly used is no problem, but if used in freezing will appear the phenomenon of brittle, in the process of turnover of handling is very easy to crack damage, shorten the service life of the pallet itself, at the same time increase the purchase cost of enterprises. And pure raw material tray, strong flexibility, more ability at low temperature, can generally resistant to about 30 degrees below zero. So, if the tray should be used in cold storage, must choose pure raw material.
2, refrigerator plastic pallet must add resistance to low temperature additives
refrigerator plastic tray because of cold, frost resistance than general tray so you must add antifreeze, plasticizer and other additives, so that you can prolong the service life of tray in the refrigerator, and won't increase the cost of the tray itself.
3, cold storage of the specifications of the plastic tray to recommend
cold storage with the Plastic collapsible crateand manual hydraulic forklift to cooperate more commonly, rarely used machinery forklift, so usually use one of the series is sichuan words, size is: 1200 * 1000 * 150 mm or 1100 * 1100 * 150 mm.

to sum up: if a company want to buy refrigerator plastic pallet, it must be good and plastic pallet manufacturers sales staff communication, must use the pure raw material production, if buyers unable to better identify whether pure raw material of tray, best production white, so easy to identify.

plastic tray with the transport of goods, export to the maintenance of products play an important role. Plastic pallet in the container turnover convenience, four-way into the design of the fork, make the goods turnover more sensitive. And specification of pallet in the container used plastic pallet specification progress the utility ratio of container space. Fixed space containers can store more goods, reduces the logistics cost of enterprise. And for one-time use common export plastic tray, Plastic collapsible crateprice is relatively low.

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