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Plastic tray need to do protection measures in the refrigerator

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
need to be in the cold storage protection measures, as a kind of application is very universal warehousing logistics transportation carrier - — Plastic tray, with a beautiful light, non-toxic tasteless, acid and alkali, does not decay, also won't rust. It can also be used in the low temperature cold storage environment, only in such an environment to use compared with at room temperature, its performance will have a larger change, the operation of the matters needing attention when using so as usual when using some different, here we discuss the use of Plastic collapsible cratein cold storage pay attention to what are the key points, so that we can make better use of it in low temperature environment, make its service life can be more long, which is beneficial to our plastic pallet manufacturer to save the cost for the enterprise. Different materials, plastic tray heat and cold resistance is different also. Used in low temperature environment, it is suggested that chooses to use new material of plastic tray, its low temperature resistance are better than normal new material production. Than the old and new materials back to the material, its performance is much better in low temperature environment. We all know plastic products is better than its toughness in low temperature environment under the normal temperature environment, often become hard and brittle. So use plastic pallet handling in low temperature environment, the bearing weight limit will be smaller. Here we suggest it is best to use plastic pallet manufacturer can add built-in steel tube plastic tray, in order to increase its weight. in the transport of goods, for the maintenance of products play an important role. So when using the like under the environment of the handling of goods to reduce some weight, so that more reliable, and remember to put light moving light, because it's hard and brittle, Quite in terms of room temperature) , once a stuttering, pallet easy craze damage. In cold storage, generally carry is less frequent than normal temperature, so the tray is capable of. In cold storage, because the temperature is lower, on its surface frost or ice, is likely to be more slippery, so the plastic pallet manufacturers take extra care when moving, conditional best antiskid anti-freezing measures are taken, lest produce unnecessary loss in the accident.
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