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Plastic tray need to realize the standardization of parts and components

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
by seeking the standardization of parts and components, and using the flexible manufacturing and logistics to provide different specific product required by the market. organization integration although from a theoretical point of view should view the enterprise as a system, but the fact is another matter, traditional enterprise organization based on the strict division and hierarchy.

plastic pallet manufacturers is affected by the traditional department division management model, to achieve close cooperation on the material flow is difficult. In the traditional organization, acted as material manager, production manager and marketing manager. These functions as part of the system, however, need overall planning or guide to unity. In the current environment, plastic tray enterprise organization faces as it is not the same in the past. In order to obtain persistent competition advantages, the future organization will face, such as marketing manager, production manager or purchasing manager, outdated appellation of the disappeared, is able to take her generation market success by establishing management system of complex type talent and talent service message.

in the Plastic collapsible cratematerial management and the integrated management of operation and management and delivery, to the man of many abilities more than face narrow professional requirements. System theory and behavior become a prerequisite for new managers. At the same time, they also should have to adapt to the market situation and keen eye on to the customer service is the ability of the main source of competitive advantage. Plastic pallet logistics management challenge to the idea of integration is one of the century's most influential business trends. From raw materials until consumers, throughout the entire supply chain. Implicit shed in logistics concept is the basic meaning of material flowing from the starting point to the user as a whole system planning and coordination, unlike in the past the flow of the product as a series of separate activities. Therefore, plastic tray, distribution logistics management goal is to market the collaterals, manufacturing process and the procurement requirements of dynamic linking, in order to realize the high level of customer service and low cost.

plastic pallet manufacturers is by reducing the cost and enhance service awareness and win the competitive advantage. This kind of situation in the actual implementation, must go through constant efforts to overcome the difficulties.

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