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Plastic tray of choose and buy should pay attention to what?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
When the choose and buy plastic tray, in the face of businessman of tray products and do not know how to start. The plastic tray need to pay attention to the choose and buy a lot of items, a do not pay attention, will bring inconvenience to the production of enterprises, at the same time bring unnecessary costs. Here is to introduce for everybody we how to choose and buy plastic tray:

first, according to the types of forklift to choose

according to different types of forklifts, mainly have double-sided plastic tray and single plastic tray. If you use the forklift is manual hydraulic forklift or hybrid mechanical and manual hydraulic forklift, so single plastic tray is the best choice. If you use the forklift is electric and motor forklift, purchasing double and single tray can be.

the second, according to the plastic tray, cost-effective to buy

customers when purchasing plastic pallet manufacturers tend to be blind to the product price, purchase traps, first should choose to have the strength of the manufacturers of Plastic collapsible crateproducts. Big brand products because of the raw materials come from formal channels, to produce the product quality can be at ease use, the cheap small manufacturers of plastic tray, often on the raw materials, and to reduce the cost at the same time, also reduces the product quality and price.

the third, according to whether the shelves of choose and buy

if the plastic pallet is used for the three-dimensional storage shelves, first of all to consider the structure of the tray is in line with the shelves. Usually on the shelf can only be inserted take goods from two directions, so the plastic tray for shelves should be as far as possible choose to fork into four field type tray, relative to the field type tray sichuan type tray stability is better, so even if the forklift fork for goods, can greatly improve the work efficiency.

4, according to load the goods of choose and buy

general nine feet light tray: 1 of static load, dynamic load 0. 5 tons, suitable to put some weight is lighter and not often mobile products;

single grid plastic tray: static load on the 3 - 4 tons, dynamic load in 1 ton or so, and steel pipe can reach dynamic load 1. 2 - 1. Static load 4-5 tons, 5 tons;

double grid plastic tray: static load in 4 - 5 tons, dynamic load in 1. 5 tons, steel pipe can reach dynamic load can reach 1. 5 - Up to 5-2 tons, static load 6 tons;

plastic flat tray: static load in 2 - 3 tons, dynamic load in 1 ton or so, some products also can add steel pipe ( For example: 1210 sichuan words tablet can add 7 root steel tube) With steel pipe can reach dynamic load 1. Static load 4-5 tons, 5 tons, the characteristics of the flat pallet easy to clean, to make it widely used various food, chemical industry, flour, etc.
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