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Plastic tray of heat-resisting performance enhancement methods are there?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
of heat-resisting performance enhancement methods are there? is a forklift, shelves and other logistics equipment supporting the use of logistics unit. Plastic pallets are heated to a certain degree again softened, cooled and hardened, this process can be repeated many times. Thermal plastic tray forming process is simpler, plastic pallet manufacturers can continuous production, high mechanical strength. Thermosetting plastic molding process is complicated, so continuous production has the certain difficulty, but it has very good heat resistance, not easy to deformation, and the price is cheap. The molecular structure of the thermosetting plastic shape structure, manufacturers in the heated plastic tray also happen to soften, can with molding into a certain shape, but after heated to a certain degree or to join a small amount of curing agent, hardening largely, reheat does not become soft change shape. Thermosetting plastic processing and forming, the thermal softening, no longer plastic pallet manufacturers therefore cannot be recycled, such as bakelite, amino plastics, such as epoxy resin belong to this kind of plastic. of heat-resisting performance enhancement method is mainly described above these, we in the plastic pallet manufacturers operating plastic tray, heat-resisting performance enhancement for Plastic collapsible cratewe can to operate in accordance with the above method, the correct method of reinforced plastic tray that we all need to do.
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