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Plastic tray of washing and drying

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
In the 【 The grid plastic tray cleaning method 】 , for plastic tray cleaning will be relatively trouble with grid, the sichuan and ordinary words, tian word plastic pallet as long as you use much clear water wash, can remove most of the stain.

but because in the process of using plastic tray may come into contact with something of oil pollution, oil pollution on clean plastic tray need some increase in the rinse solution to oil solvent, such as washing powder and detergent. Because the plastic tray is relatively stable, the performance of the general solution will not cause corrosion damage to its, therefore in the process of washing don't have to worry too much.
in the Plastic collapsible cratewash finished, a lot of people's habitual air is basked in. This operation may affect the use of plastic tray cycle and life.
air basks in plastic tray is in order to avoid the tray a lot of water, cause musty smell. But because plastic affected by ultraviolet aging become fragile, so when drying tray, should notice to choose dark ventilated place, avoid direct drying in the sun.

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