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Plastic tray out of the warehouse to the five modes of logistics

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
A, self-organizing team model. By the manufacturers to buy car, delivered to a third party to use, by a third party's care and maintenance of the accessory of all items, return after each distribution warehouse, all must pass through the library side confirmed rear can transfer the goods to the library. This model, one is to guarantee the enterprise logistics distribution of the goods on time efficient, 2 it is to ensure the integrity of the enterprise assets, virtually to follow up the assets of enterprises played a protective role. Second, the self-built regional distribution patterns turnover storehouse. Enterprise on the basis of a central warehouse, bedclothes to logoff city turnover warehouse, through the turnover warehouse and then delivery the goods to the buyer, in the process of the transport of goods distribution, is covered by the seller in a separate company. This model, a is directly, quickly and no third party involvement in the whole distribution process, 2 it is to play a comprehensive care for tray, the tray can timely understand any situation, 3 it is fast and convenient to delivery the goods, through the turnover warehouse nearby delivery, convenient to the buyer the goods follow up. Third, take the tray leasing mode. Enterprises by the seller to the tray where tenants rent tray, in the process of transportation by tray leasing company is responsible for the entire tray supervision, enterprise after the completion of the goods at the buyer, pallet rental company to recover the tray. This model, it is a solution for the existence of buyers and sellers in the tray transportation difficulties, 2 it is to guarantee the interests of buyers and sellers from too big loss conditions, complete the quick and accurate transport distribution, three is the pallet flow problems with a comprehensive solution, won't appear during the off-season, the circumstances of the idle stacked tray of the enterprise, fundamentally solves the enterprise waste of resources. Fourth, give priority to with regional center warehouse, the buyer take delivery mode. In each trade area point to set up a center warehouse, sent to the seller by the buyer will demand enterprises, and enterprises will demand by the seller to the buyer's recent distribution center warehouse, in a time period, the buyer's own door to door delivery. This mode is convenient for the seller, basic don't need to do a follow up on the tray, the second is the right of cargo transportation mode to the buyer's enterprise, enterprise by the buyer decides whether or not to bring a pallet, three is the buyer of the enterprises can also choose to bring their own tray door-to-door delivery way, not only ensure their cargo transport of high effect, and to the seller the enterprise to solve the problems in the tray in the transport process. Five, the use of RFID technology for the tray back mode. At each tray Ming barcode on it, at the time of outbound all clear input system, using RFID technology characteristics, the tray tracking, ensure that each pallet information can be captured by the system in a timely manner, at the same time in the tray of the outbound, the pallet information sent to the receiving party, by the receiving party cooperation system to confirm back the tray number. This model, one is saving the freight cost of the enterprise, the second is the enterprise using RFID technology can timely understand the dynamic of the goods during transportation, the third is RFID technology can help the buyer and the seller confirm the goods to achieve fast and accurate role these five models have their own advantages and disadvantages, but are fully achieved on the tray in the comprehensive supervision in the process of transportation, ensures that the tray will not become a disposable goods. With the rapid development of logistics industry, predictably, with supporting transportation mode has become an inevitable trend for China logistics transportation, with supporting transportation mode has been fully proved in European and American countries, and by the transportation promotes the development of cargo handling equipment, improve the working efficiency, improve the whole logistics chain.
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