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Plastic tray pieced together

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
in the long-term use process appears unavoidably damage, so in the breakage of the common tray edge and support foot damage rate is higher. If the plastic pallet is not a whole, when part of the break, local can only need to change, it is make processing method for plastic tray factory production out of the splicing type plastic tray.

splicing type plastic tray or tray two layer is through the use of the card buckle etc together without the welding way. So the plastic tray in case of damage, replace the corresponding parts can be repaired, saves time and also improve the efficiency of the tray.
of course different Plastic collapsible crateis different from the need to replace, for easy to damage location, splicing type plastic tray is divided into upper and lower about stitching and stitching.

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