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Plastic tray price and the quality of the relationship

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
In the face of all kinds of Plastic collapsible crateproducts on the market, we know that it is widely used in the goods in storage and transportation activities, can play the role of good storage and transport of the goods. High quality plastic tray is not low price, but good quality, more worthy of our choice.
the price of the finished Plastic collapsible crateis composed of no more than the cost of raw materials, processing fee and tax ( 17%) 。 Reworked material and new material raw materials, the processing fee in fact every manufacturer is the same, plus or minus 5 yuan, tax is the same, why prices have very big difference? The biggest problem is the raw material and the weight of plastic tray. Some manufacturer use reworked material production, tray price nature is cheaper than new material tray. But the tray quality of reworked material production was reduced, easy to brittle, especially in winter, forklift truck is a touch is broken.
there are some manufacturers of plastic pallet from important light, use fewer raw materials, can also be a lot cheaper price, the cost of production is less, light dead weight Plastic collapsible crateis cheap. But light weight is brought about by the product itself to strengthen to thin and all parts are relatively thin, such as two tray is 10 kg and 15 kg respectively, dynamic load 1 t is no problem. But using down 10 kg will be easy to deformation, 15 kg will not deformation. For a period of time for 10 kg of breakage obviously much, much higher than 15 kg.

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