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Plastic tray price influencing factors

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
In the 【 price list We can see the price of plastic tray ranging from 150 yuan to 360 yuan. So what causes Plastic collapsible crateprice difference so big? Difference between

large size Plastic collapsible cratehigher prices than the small size of the plastic tray, because more materials.
1. 2 * 1. 2 meters of sichuan words tray is 240 yuan, and 1. 1 * 1. The price of 1 meter is 216 yuan.
model different price:
the same size tray because of different modelling, also have different price.
as the same size of sichuan tray than field words tray price lower. The more the reason is material problem, at the same time, different requirements for production process.
dead weight, bearing impact on prices
the same size and shape of the plastic pallet because the thickness of the plastic is different, the price is different. Its weight and bearing, in general, bearing weight is proportional to the price.
want higher load and dead weight, the corresponding price will be high, this also is the main cause of the price difference.
just like bearing 4 t and 6 t bearing gap between the price again, this is very normal. Mostly because the raw material in the
the reason caused the price difference. But the raw material itself has the difference on the price.
the raw material of plastic pallet is divided into new materials and materials, as the name suggests is the secondary used breaking down redo, so must be new material must be much better than back to the material quality, also can use a longer service life, but, in contrast, new material must be more expensive than back to the material price, is there such suspension is poor, lead to the price of the plastic tray is uneven.

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