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Plastic tray procurement matters needing attention

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
is the industry production, storage and other links, the most basic of container unit with rising domestic demand for plastic pallet and all its widespread use, Plastic collapsible crateof product quality more and more get the attention of the buyers, everyone more concern the quality of plastic pallet.

1, choose one plastic pallet or double plastic tray? Experts answer: for this problem we must first according to their own use of forklift, considering the process of use if you use the manual hydraulic forklift ( Commonly known as the 'cow') Or manual hydraulic forklift and mechanical mixture of forklift, then you don't need to consider double tray, because the manual hydraulic forklift cannot be used with double-sided plastic tray. If you use environment are all machinery and electric forklifts, single-sided and double-sided tray can choose.

2, the purchase of plastic tray can't blindly than price and weight of products! Expert introduction due to plastic pallet normally is blue color, the great convenience for many plastic pallet manufacturers use recycled plastic, on the one hand, disrupted the market order, on the other hand also users suffered losses. Comparing product weight also use some of the user, the weight of the products as the standard to measure the price of each Plastic collapsible crateproducts, actually this kind of practice have been sensitive to detect the enterprise, they use the consumers of this kind of psychological, heavy material such as to add part of calcium carbonate products, not only reducing the generation of their cost will greatly improve the product, its weight consumers don't even know it.

3, plastic tray procurement should be 'only high not low' the so-called 'only high not low' should be how to understand, for example the actual weight when using dynamic load is zero. 8 tons, so when purchasing should choose at least 1 ton of plastic tray, because want to consider the tray of aging and the brutal operating workers. So effective to improve the service life of the tray at the same time also save the cost.

4, selection of plastic pallet manufacturers! There are more and more plastic tray factory, the expert points out, is now a lot of plastic tray enterprises in fish in troubled waters, shoddy, buyers should choose when qualifications are older when buy plastic tray production enterprise, first of all, they after years of development will be of rich experience in technology and product quality of the letter, also once appear quality problem after sales is also very in place.

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