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Plastic tray production raw materials - — HDPE related introduction

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
Raw material High Density Polyethylene plastic tray English name for 'High Density Polyethylene', referred to as 'HDPE'. Raw material HDPE Plastic collapsible crateis a kind of high crystallinity, nonpolar thermoplastic resin. Square one plastic pallet raw material HDPE appearance has milk-white, in a small cross section in a certain degree of translucent.
HDPE has excellent resistance to most of the life and the characteristics of industrial chemicals. The polymer is not hygroscopic and has a good waterproof steam, can be used for packaging purposes. Raw material HDPE Plastic collapsible cratehas the very good performance, especially high insulation dielectric strength, make it very suitable for wire and cable. In the level of high molecular weight has the very good impact resistance, at room temperature in - even 40 f low temperature.

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