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Plastic tray production technology

by:Qusheng     2021-02-26
The production of Plastic collapsible cratetechnology
1. Injection molding tray Plastic collapsible crateis China's largest production varieties of plastic tray.
China since the eighty s began to introduce the foreign equipment production injection molding tray, but the cost of a variety of factors, such as markets did not open all the time. For general industrial Plastic collapsible crateto expand production to create the conditions.
2。 Blow molding tray at present in China to adopt blow molding technology manufacturer of plastic pallet is less, has formed annual production capacity of about $500000. Generally selects high molecular weight high density polyethylene ( HWMHDPE) Production, mechanical and manual forklift can use, double-sided tray can be used on both sides, prolong the service life. At present this kind of blow molding tray mainly in petrochemical industry, chemical industry, railway transportation, large freight yard need to high strength use the occasion.
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