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Plastic tray products can be used for how long

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
is an essential part of logistics in a kind of plastic products, often used in a product, and its service life is how long? Many customers call advisory tray when asked this question, this question is actually a comprehensive question, answer it requires a combination of many aspects, the service life is not certain, but there are many possible.

first, product quality is always the first. A good quality of product can use more long, so if you want to use when purchasing plastic tray for a long time, first to pick a good buy, Is the pure raw material) , if you have any difficulties on the money, that also can settle for second best, expected almost does not necessarily use life is short, This is based on the second point do good) 。

second, plastic tray products in use process, affect the service life of another important issue is the forklift worker problem. If a forklift worker technology is good, but cautious, no matter from all aspects into fork out fork that losses could hit bottom of plastic tray, conversely, if the technology level of forklift worker not in use process, often hit when he enters the fork plastic tray, plastic tray easy to damage. So the service life of Plastic collapsible cratewith forklift worker technology has much to do.

the third, the use of plastic tray environment and factors influencing the service life of another. Plastic products is the most afraid of exposure in the sun, so the use of plastic tray if used outdoors often the natural life is shorter than used in the plant.

the place on put together is narrated, the service life of Plastic collapsible crategenerally consists of the above, a plastic tray in the quality of the premise of no big problem the second point is the most important, it is important to pay special attention to.

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