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Plastic tray quality analysis

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
In recent years, along with the increase of polyethylene production in our country, making it the second polyethylene producers in the world, also gradually expand the demand for its products, have, according to the demand for high quality polyethylene Plastic collapsible crateis also increasingly outstanding. Polyethylene tray series is mainly used in the food processing industry, logistics, medicine, tobacco, factory, warehouse, and many other industries, used in the industry's main specifications have 1200 * 1000 * 140120 * 12000 * 150, 1986, our country formulated the 'polyethylene plastic pallet packing mark' national standards. According to the standard, 'the polyethylene tray products should be stored in clean, dry airtight environment, label, plastic tray attached indicate product model, name, batch number, bearing quality, manufacturer name and date of production'. But not in the standard for the material of plastic tray, inspection rules, regulations, so that the plastic pallet manufacturers claim to the tray of product is not regulated.
how to identify the quality of Plastic collapsible crateis good or not? First, whether to have the relevant production licenses, such as the plastic packing product license issued by the state. Second, whether the choice of raw materials, products with new material of optimal; The third products of various performance indicators. Such as mechanical strength, heat resistance and solvent resistance, and the maximum load weight and so on, of course, still should according to the customer's own actual usage, choose a Plastic collapsible cratewith the highest cost-effective products.
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