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Plastic tray rational utilization of the library field plane, goods collection and distribution analysis

by:Qusheng     2020-11-06
On the plane, rational utilization of the library field Plastic collapsible crategoods collection, distribution analysis of plastic tray, rational utilization of library field plane, goods collection and distribution analysis, improve the management efficiency of the computer. Is one of the business process analysis of material storage management of the key technology, so that the data of goods collection management watering the definition. Set up storage rate field layout of labels, such as buildings, warehouses, area has permanent engineering drawings of the number of the warehouse, in order to show that supplies store location, numbered for such facilities. Plastic pallet manufacturers to establish or outdoor storage area of each library field of ground floor plan layout, showing the area of the warehouse or outdoor storage site specific. The divided region can be used as a storage area, shipping and receiving areas, homework channel table room or lounge and office. The area can be further divided into bulk cargo area, small batch goods area, bulk materials in storage area, etc. Along the surrounding line from the bottom of the container squares marked number, from left to right order. If you need to each area, each warehouse partitions are identified according to the order from left to right, longitudinal and lateral, plastic pallet manufacturers its logo in all storage areas shall be consistent. the similar library field or outdoor storage area, shall be the same number of squares in the same position has not yet been stored supplies search necessary to indicate the number of squares, shall be maintained in order to change in storage when to use them. To ensure smooth material increased when transportation. On the floor plan should be used as a channel of the lattice code mark. Marked as a channel to use plastic pallet manufacturer for computer simulation, on-site transportation to prevent the occurrence of congestion in the process of material transportation, blocking phenomenon once helped to change the storage location at the same time, the new arrangement of the lattice is ready you need, don't disturb the original number. In addition to the storage location of signs, plastic tray vertical storage location also needs to have logo. Container storage rack, pallet rack or similar equipment of various goods, all need such signs. In order to facilitate the transportation scheduling, but also every ten library field or outdoor storage site shall be markers of parking lots. Building supplies to, stop, unloading, transport, store the computer database model. Determine the principle of storing the same goods can be stored together, materials should be stored in the stock of the faster moving to facilitate close area, plastic tray to shorten material handling equipment and supplies to extract the working distance. Container material and scattered material transceiver working in the area should be located in packaging and nearby. is not only affect the amount of storage space allocation, but also affect the location of the storage of goods. Storing large or heavy goods, should as far as possible close to the packaging area, receiving, delivery, less handling charge.
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