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Plastic tray recycling is the long-term development

by:Qusheng     2020-11-07
In recent years, with the domestic environmental protection calls for more and more high, coupled with Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions on imported wood packaging ( Including the wooden pallet) Harsh judgment of inspection and quarantine requirements, in the very great degree is more and more limit the use of wooden pallets. And plastic tray with its abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, can be completely recycled and other excellent features, development prospects are increasingly bullish, even by the industry as the most excellent varieties of tray.

tray generally use wood, metal, fiber board, plastic and other materials, especially in the Plastic collapsible crateare now a development trend. Since 2009 the State Council announced the logistics industry adjust and revitalization of planning ', provides the powerful momentum for the development of logistics industry. Plastic pallet as a key products, relying on the development of the logistics industry also ushered in the great age of its development. with respect to its atoms, however, was nothing but hydrogen and carbon, so after recycling, incineration power generation is a kind of very good solution.

PS per pound of energy equivalent to 75% of the no. 2 oil ( Twenty thousand BTU British thermal unit) 。 In addition, recycled plastic tray can regenerate granulation as molding material, China also someone use renewable PS particles impregnated again, this kind of Plastic collapsible cratemade of recycled plastic pallet plank, its quality is fair, have a certain industrial value. waste paint, glue and successful experience. Is said to use plastic tray can break down into styrene monomer, made it of course, must want to have a large supply of plastic tray. To sum up, the so-called 'white pollution' plastic tray, essentially a problem of scrap recycling plastic tray. Obviously, don't litter, and requests the nation do is indeed a very difficult job, too.

a, 'recycled plastic trays, plastic tray to development'. 'White pollution' is due to the waste caused by the plastic tray. A large amount of waste plastic tray is not recycled, damage to the environment is not acceptable to the people, places and some industries declined to plastic tray products, gravity is sufficient to illustrate this. Obviously we do recycling work well, eliminates the pollution, and waste, so that the plastic pallet industry can develop freely, the plastic tray been fully made use of many advantages in the packaging industry, to protect the goods, and beautify the goods, and reduce the losses caused by improper packing.

2, organized, formed the national association of recycled plastic tray. At present, the americas and Europe have plastic tray recycling association established, under the Asia plastic tray recycling association also has Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong to participate in eight countries and regions. And participate in the organization's main recycling is some plastic pallet manufacturers of raw materials and products, in order to develop their own industry, for the sake of their own and the interests of the public, must be to do a good job of recycling their products. Then, has no other way.

3, extract, plastic tray recycling fees. 。 We should study the good experience of other countries, in the process of selling plastic tray raw materials and products, necessary to set aside part of used for recycling plastic tray. In Europe, the plastic tray products must pay 0 per kilogram. 1 mark. In China, if the charge per kg l Angle of renminbi as the charge back, throughout the year, 14 million of the cost of recycling, and recycling of benefit, so you can from funding to ensure the smooth progress of recycling plastic tray.

4, the work must be supported by the government, legislation is must. Production of foam plastic tray to legislation charge; Instruction in collecting plastic tray, incentive measures; The whole recycling process, until the use of scientific research and production process of waste foam, will receive support from the national tax. In a nutshell, recycling waste foamed plastics is technically feasible, economically advantageous for the implementation of the necessary conditions. And the work, as long as the understanding on the consistent, solid measures are absolutely can do a good job. We may safely draw the conclusion: Plastic collapsible cratemust go the way of recycling industry. Only do recycling work well, can dissolve the 'white pollution', only the collection together, 'pollution' to turn, prompted the plastic pallet industry more healthy development. Such a virtuous circle, plastic tray can become a good environmental protection products.
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