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Plastic tray should be how to reform

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
With worldwide logistics heat to heat up, domestic logistics enterprises are growing rapidly, but as a modern logistics is one of the basic link of plastic tray is no uniform standard, is bound to affect the healthy development of China's logistics enterprises in the future. May be affected in the short term is not very outstanding, but with the development of logistics industry, its 'bottleneck' effect will be more and more obvious.
plastic tray is the last century 70 s ~ 80 s began promoting use of new products abroad, compared with the traditional wooden pallets, it has a light material, waterproof, moistureproof, clean, high hardness, strong recyclability, etc. In recent years, the domestic market of plastic pallet quietly changing, the market demand. The main influence factors is that the more and more control of deforestation, wood costs rose sharply; Foreign transportation demand for wooden pallet is more and more strict, stimulate the use of plastic tray; People to strengthen environmental protection consciousness and the state environmental protection laws and regulations perfect, plastic tray appears the recyclability of advantage; The rapid development of our country's ethylene, polyethylene production scale, reduces the raw material cost of plastic pallet, the price is no longer the disadvantage of plastic tray. Especially recently, the national railway department official below, in the future it is prohibited to use wooden pallet in the railway transportation, combined with the food, pharmaceutical and other industries it is also possible to disable the wooden tray after 2 years of rumors, made from the plastic pallet quantity of an order for these industries rising trend is linear.
plastic tray production and processing, which has two kinds of injection molding and blow molding process, because of the influence of cost and process conditions, domestic mostly adopts the injection molding processing method at present. Domestic large-scale injection molding processing equipment developed in recent years, the Plastic collapsible crateproduction and processing equipment investment has fallen sharply, promoted the plastic tray production capacity expansion. In 2003, domestic plastic tray production capacity of about 2 million pieces, which accounts for about 10% of the total output of all kinds of tray, the domestic several big plastic pallet manufacturers have accelerated the pace of capacity expansion, in order to meet the heat demand.
there is no denying that, however, due to the use of backward, not fully play the advantages of plastic tray. It is understood that the tray itself is in line with efficient logistics and the birth of a unitary logistics equipment, to say the tray is modern logistics system connection points of each part. But in actual use plastic pallet because the specification is not uniform, causing tray circulation use in not working in the logistics chain, only limited within the enterprise.
, according to a survey found that the tray branch due to Plastic collapsible craterotation mode, enterprise products in circulation in the process of transportation costs. Most enterprises of plastic pallets are in internal flow, thus make the enterprise products after many artificial transportation and handling, greatly reduce the work efficiency, increase the circulation cost of the product, which reduces the product competitiveness in the market. Especially because the plastic tray of the specifications of the standard not unified, make our country use plastic tray can't match the international transport equipment, such as international container. Enterprises in order to adapt to the relevant international transport, have to order from plastic pallet manufacturing enterprises are out of line with the company turnover use tray, thereby increasing the enterprise's export costs, reduced the international competitiveness of the products. For tray production enterprises, because there is no unified standard production, enterprise mostly adopts the way of single blanking production, machinery and equipment over a period of time after idle, must increase the cost of production.
it is understood that the current implementation of the plastic even tray national standard is established in 1994, the standard stipulated in the four dimensions, and according to the international logistics standards, the size of the tray can only have 1 ~ 2. In fact, many enterprises have not carry out the standard, they all have their own enterprise standards, their standard is established according to the user's demand, because can't be changed 'first products, after the tray' reality, the enterprise can only be as far as possible to meet the requirements of customers.
now is most in need of change of the specifications of the plastic tray, size, and the corresponding performance indicators to improve, like the temperature of the high temperature resistant, low temperature standard, the original gb standard set lower than common user requirements; In addition, the diagonal impact strength criteria of Plastic collapsible cratealso need to modify, if still according to the old standard certainly does not adapt to market needs.
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