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Plastic tray sold throughout the country

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
Cnpalletbox company as a professional plastic pallet manufacturers, we are based in shandong, across the country, to provide various types of plastic tray in shandong market forklift plastic trays, plastic tray, storage plastic tray, and timely provide Plastic collapsible crateprice consulting service for our customers. The company is located in zouping county, binzhou city of shandong province zibo in the east, the west according to jinan, 50 kilometers away from jinan international airport, 240 km away from Qingdao port, the traffic is very convenient. At present, the company annual integrated capacity has more than 5000 tons, becoming the largest storage and logistics facilities in the province one of production base.

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double grid plastic tray, the plastic tray, positive, grid, both sides can be used, so called double mesh plastic tray ( As shown in figure) 。 Double-sided Plastic collapsible crategrid application in the food factory, chemical factory, chemical fertilizer manufacturing more at ordinary times, cold storage and so on many industries.

double grid plastic pallet specifications and load.

S- 1212X- Double grid ( 1200*1200*150mm) Dynamic load: 1. 5 tons of dead load: 6 tons shelves carry: 1 ton

S - 1412年x - Double grid ( 1400*1200*150mm) Dynamic load: 1. 5 tons of dead load: 6 tons shelves carry: 1 ton

S - 1210X- Double grid ( 1200*1000*150mm) Dynamic load: 1. 5 tons of dead load: 6 tons shelves carry: 1 ton

S - 1111X- Double grid ( 1100*1100*150mm) Dynamic load: 1. 5 tons of dead load: 6 tons shelves carry: 1 ton

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