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Plastic tray supplier selection

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
Plastic tray customer first select integration suppliers. In the later business activities, customer will contact the supplier integration. Plastic pallet integrated suppliers according to the customer's demand, choose other supplier to build alliances.
plastic pallet manufacturers second-tier suppliers only to integrate suppliers, and then by the integrated supplier delivery to the customer. This model is suitable for the customer does not require suppliers to provide technical support. If the customer need the supplier's technical support, and integrated supplier can't provide all the requirements of the customer service, relationship will change to another mode. Plastic tray is the greatest characteristic of this model the secondary supplier in direct contact with the customer. But customers purchasing still by integrating supplier. At the same time, the integrated supplier is also responsible for prediction and ask supplier coordination. For integrated supplier, the relationship is more difficult to manage and will also reduce profits. Because it is an integration of suppliers and customers mutually beneficial relationship. Plastic tray, therefore, need the same efforts to maintain and develop relations with second-tier suppliers. Integrated suppliers must believe that customers will not find new supplier integration in the second-tier suppliers. Integrated competition between suppliers and second-tier suppliers or conflict will destroy their union. So to avoid competition, if the secondary suppliers without integration suppliers directly to customers, may be integrated supplier of Eva to penalties. If customers are not satisfied with integrated supplier, of course, also can be replaced integration suppliers, the simplest way is in the present secondary supplier looking for a suitable candidate. But, the process of plastic pallet manufacturers for customers and suppliers are very complicated. Need to evaluate the suppliers and customers and certification, a new integrated suppliers also need quite a long time to understand the business and needs of customers, the customer's business in this period will be affected by a lot of eyes. Most of the time limit specified in the agreement, the integration of suppliers and customers can to evaluate relationships.
plastic pallet manufacturers if either party decides to quit, hydrazone agreement that solution. Each specific relationship is different. On the one hand, because the relationship is built according to the different business needs of customers, on the other hand is due to send yet have a fixed pattern to support the development of relations.
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