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Plastic tray, the advantages of leasing and solution

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
As the industrial production cost reduced, now plastic tray price also will change. Although there are disposable plastic tray can greatly reduce the purchasing cost, but disposable Plastic collapsible cratebearing capacity is limited. Sometimes need to have both high bearing and short-term use. Disposable plastic pallet is not good at this time meet demand, can consider to plastic pallet rental.

plastic pallet rental advantage:
1, remove a one-time cash investment, reduce the high cost of capital, reduce the risk of purchasing, which will be money for main business.
2, renting the tray before payment, expense to match the project output, the reasonable use of capital resources, improve the return on assets.
3, flexible lease ( May at any time for rent, hire) Solve the problem of season tray number fluctuation, save a lot of idle capital.
4, between producers and from supplier to the retail terminal of palletized transport all the way, improve logistics efficiency, reduce the cargo damage.
5, from daily tray of maintenance management, reduce the management cost.
6, the quality of the tray clean sanitation, moistureproof, mouldproof, moth-proofing, easy to clean, mainly designed for demanding FMCG industry use.

the basic plastic pallet rental scheme:
1, pallet rental price: according to the actual conditions, such as lease tray number and lease cycle with every piece of computing.
2, rent payment: at the end of each month or quarter settlement and provide monthly pallet quantity list and invoice.
3, pallet specifications: currently, the national standard 1200 * 1000 * 150110 * 1100 * 150 specifications, have with steel tube surface anti-skid function, built-in RFID synthesis of RFID chips.
4, transportation, customers can enjoy renting out service across the country, to support for rent or beyond the hire, thus reducing the transportation cost accordingly.
5, pallet rental amount reaches a certain number of scale can build tray at the scene of the customer service center, and hold people accountable for rent out service, completely free shipping costs.

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