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Plastic tray unqualified cause analysis

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
Plastic pallet manufacturers in the process of production, if improper operation, will directly cause the product is unqualified. Common plastic tray is not correct usage has the following kinds: tray overload, caused by human improper operation forklift to hit to the plastic tray, double goods packed incorrectly, and so on and so forth, will cause damage to the tray, shorten the service life of plastic tray.
plastic tray unqualified reason:
1, raw materials exist de-fatting parameter is not in conformity with the provisions, or raw materials caused by the melting point is not unified, many Plastic collapsible cratein order to save cost, buy some small chemical raw material, its various parameters are not stable or not.
2, the proportion of reworked material is too large, the current situation of domestic plastic tray is some customer need high quality plastic tray, some customers pursue low price of plastic tray, it promoted the plastic pallet manufacturers consistently seek more cost-effective formula, add reworked material is one of the most direct the most effective way. But how much and what proportion is not every plastic tray enterprises can grasp. General large plastic pallet company has its own laboratory can according to the different formula of different modulation of renewable materials.
3, machine parameter set is not standard, such as clamping time, injection pressure, cooling time and stripping time and so on, a slight irregularities can cause the deformation of plastic tray products or lack of material.
4, pigment or improper use of toner. General plastic tray in the majority with blue or red, but the customer sometimes requires special color, this will need to use the toner to allocate different color, if the use of toner proportion does not guarantee every pot materials are consistent or not stir even, can produce off color problem.

the structure of the double plastic tray usually dynamic load 1 ton ~ 1. Static load 4 ~ 6 tons, 5 tons. Under normal circumstances, good double pallets of goods in a warehouse stacking in the process of turnover, need a layer above the first tray to pick the goods flow, and then at the bottom of the goods. In some special cases, such as forklift driver in order to improve the work efficiency, complete turnaround assignments quickly and directly take the whole crib on pallet. In this way, the two layers of goods directly from static load 3 tons to dynamic load 3 tons, far beyond the tray of the rated load. Have direct impact on the service life of the pallet.
in some bad sight effect warehouse, forklift driver in the process of the turnover of operations without the proper insert fork arm tray into the socket, will directly hit the tray into the socket side, on the tray may be difficult to repair the damage. in the process of work between machinery forklift turnover, if the forklift has not completely inserted into the tray, two arms in the process of forklift pick back, will cause certain damage to the tray without mechanical parts.

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