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Plastic tray used in electric mobile storage

by:Qusheng     2021-03-09
With the development of the automatic and intelligent storage system, now more and more logistics warehousing industry use electric mobile shelves, and cooperate with the use of plastic tray. Today let's look at the plastic pallet in the application of the electric mobile shelves.
plastic pallet as a fixed unit, warehouse staff can finish the goods with hand-held or car ( Goods with plastic pallet binding) , storage, shipment ( The goods with pallet cancel binding) , goods transposition, devanning, return of goods, stock, etc. Loading vehicle drivers can use on-board complete warehousing ( The tray and binding) would be And outbound.

in the modern intelligent warehouse, of course, in the architecture design to solution plays a very important role, but plastic pallet as basic hardware is also indispensable.

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