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Plastic tray using different types can satisfy various environmental conditions

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
Tray of merchants in the market has a lot of, also is because there are too many merchants, so the research and development of the businesses have been different kinds of tray, in an attempt to make their own company in the market occupy a bigger share of the guest. And the tray on the market basically is divided into plastic pallet, wood pallet and Tito plate of three. Also can according to the shape of the tray and other performance with kinds of classification.
in the development history of tray, at the start of the is between the single match a few root wood is the most simple tray, the tray is among the oldest and most single. Now, there will be a lot of industry is also in the use of wood pallets, for example is to use wood pallet in the wine cellar. But along with the progress of The Times, the emergence of the plastic became the main raw material for making tray. Plastic is in the shape of plasticity, the advantage of being lighter materials and finished products, and affordable price, etc. Here, let's treasure plastic pallet company to introduce the two special types of tray.
here is one type of the comparison of several special tray type conductive tray. This is a kind of anti-static trays, is the most suitable for use in the electronics industry. This kind of tray can be with different needs, provide surface impedance rate at 10 5 Ω/SQ ~ 10 plastic pallet of products within the scope of 12 Ω/SQ. This tray is generally exported to abroad, is a more potential tray type. In addition, also introduced is reinforced plastic pallet, the pallet is mainly used in relatively large heavy items of transportation industry, this kind of tray bearing ability is stronger, is with the yankees' is popular among customers. Similarly, cnpalletbox plastic can also according to the different needs of customers to provide reinforced plastic tray products.
today, need to use to the pallet industry is more and more. In our life we see the tray can also points a lot of classes, such as according to the shape is divided into: nine feet tray, tin tray, Japanese words tray, etc. However, no matter what type of tray, as long as it is this close we use tray is the pallet we need. If knowledge of the tray is not enough to understand, can seek advice to know boro plastic pallet company, here will give you the best solutions services.
use plastic tray can satisfy various environmental conditions, significantly improve the ability of goods transportation and storage. Use plastic tray, can meet the environmental protection, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, anti-static, no moth, and barrier property requirements for materials such as organic solvent, and can meet the rust and corrosion protection, preventing electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, chemical and other requirements, as well as aseptic preservation, non-toxic pollution-free requirements, transportation, export markets such as logistics and workshop.
the operation is simple, the operation of the Plastic collapsible crateand the use is very convenient. Purchased from product manufacturers, packaging as long as the quality conforms to the size of the plastic pallet goods, can be convenient and handling the product itself, technical requirements for easy to learn. Without use of plastic tray products storage and pile up a uniform, both neither takes too much space, and very convenient 5 s management.

toughness and security safeguard, plastic tray is ideally suited for transportation and export sales of packaging products. is one of the most affinity plastic packaging tools. material products of light weight, strong toughness, high safety coefficient, and suitable for many special occasions, including dust-free workshop and other regions. Make consumers feel sense of good reputation and a certain dependence.

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