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Plastic tray what classification

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
Since the plastic was invented, there appeared a lot of plastic products, their application has brought a lot of convenience to our life to enjoy. is a kind of plastic products, it is checked to be used to carry goods or goods, according to different industry demand and range of application, we can be divided into different kinds of plastic tray.
many customers are buying Plastic collapsible crateall don't know when plastic tray is also have the classification, so is a general buy, buy to return later found that the plastic pallet won't meet the production demand, leading to the role of the Plastic collapsible crateis not play, but also waste a lot of costs. Only according to your own application needs to choose the right kinds of plastic tray, can make, make the perfect utility of plastic tray.
plastic tray can be divided into type shelf, ground week transition, such as pile type, shelf type of plastic pallets are generally need to use with shelves, in order to guarantee the bearing capacity, demand higher hardness of plastic tray, and quality. And transformation in the ground weeks of plastic pallet is commonly used to transport goods, need to cooperate with forklift equipment use, so the requirement of the Plastic collapsible crateall around is hollow, can supply the fork insert it, the flow of goods. Pile type plastic tray to packed the goods more, so the area is larger, and the bearing capacity, at the same time also requires a certain permeability.
in this paper, by the plastic tray WWW. cnpalletbox。 Com are collected.
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