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Plastic tray: what is the difference between without steel tube and steel tube?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
Plastic pallet with steel tube and without pole difference?

the plastic pallet material on the market is divided into polyethylene and polypropylene. Two kinds of materials used in different industries. With the development of the pallet industry, the size and structure of the plastic pallet, plastic pallet manufacturers have developed one of the most suitable for application of equipment, warehousing and logistics equipment industry of China, such as the design of the plastic tray. The built-in pipe, the plastic tray built-in steel tube what are the advantages and disadvantages? How to put the plastic tray in steel tube? Enterprises should be how to choose suits own inner plastic pipe plastic pallets?

built-in steel tube plastic tray type

injections of steel pipe: tray products by injection molding. Generally have 3 metal pipe, 4 steel conduit, 5 metal pipe, metal pipe, eight root tube and 14 steel pipe. The steel tube plastic tray is optional.

Plastic collapsible cratebuilt-in advantages of steel pipe:

1. Can increase the plastic pallet load, more suitable for storage and transport heavy objects;

  2. can be more deformation, long service life.

how to choose to suit oneself built-in steel tube plastic tray?

the built-in steel pipe series tray is commonly used in a large number of shelves, such as the sichuan words plastic tray. The overall design is steel tube can face, steel pipe can be built, but there are some design, can only be built for leg steel pipe, steel tube cannot be built on the surface. tray dynamic load has greatly increased, the service life of the tray also increases. Stack is the more common form of double tray, a grid of nine feet, flat plastic tray; Inside steel tray using more flexible. On the one hand, can according to need to determine the number of steel tube, on the other hand, can according to need to save costs.

to buy plastic pallet, and plastic pallet manufacturers to ensure that you need to buy plastic pallet load and size parameters, determine the structure of the plastic pallet can be built-in steel tube, and the number of built-in pipe can satisfy their needs, in general, static four tons load molding shelf tray, dynamic load 1 ton, general 800 kg of shelves, embedded steel pipe is according to the load of connection pipe, to determine the number of steel pipe is increasing, the service life and deformation in high strength, delayed the aging.
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