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Plastic tray what's role in international logistics

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
export packaging transport has played a key role in the international logistics.
plastic pallet as a small cargo carrier, through overall pattern, packaging, transport, goods to the container, form the carrier of a large, convenient for international logistics. Transport the goods from the warehouse to delivery to exports. Intermediate saves a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, save a lot of money for the enterprise. Reduce the cost of the enterprise of foreign trade, increase the competitiveness of the enterprises of foreign trade, improve the competitive advantage in international market.
the size of the domestic plastic tray for export at present there are mainly 1200 * 1000 and 1100 * 1100 size two. This size of the plastic tray is convenient for handling and packed in the container. The use of import and export all kinds of container inside dimension is roughly in 2. Around 3, the size of the two kinds of Plastic collapsible crateis convenient turnover and 0 handling used in the container.
at present, the domestic plastic pallet manufacturers of Plastic collapsible cratestructure are basically can achieve forklift four-way into fork. This structure can be achieved regardless of the forklift truck from which direction can provoke tray do turn over, turn more convenient more flexible and weeks. Field character of the structure of the plastic tray in exports, also can implement high container stowage. Increase the container space utilization, reduce the transportation cost.
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