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Plastic tray which forming method using more and different specifications and types

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
which used a forming method and kinds of different specifications of plastic pallet this kind of tray, I believe you won't feel strange, because it is the website products and keywords, and, at the start of the product, the interpretation of relevant knowledge or solve problems, so everyone with learning content, and at the same time, to increase their professional knowledge in this field, in turn, plastic pallet manufacturers to correctly use plastic tray. So, based on this, then, plastic pallet manufacturers will continue this work, the content is as follows. 1. forming method, which USES more and more frequent? Plastic tray, there are several kinds of forming method, it is but among them, the more common or use more, is for the injection molding in. Through this forming method with plastic tray, is smooth and clean surface, also, the quality of a material is more dense. In addition, in the design of the product on the degrees of freedom, is also bigger. On the specific products, there is a double integral plastic tray and double packaged the two plastic tray. 2. Type double packaged plastic tray, the clamping force in the process of production and manufacturing, is how much? In addition, the warehouse, can use plastic tray? Type double packaged plastic tray, the clamping force in the process of production and manufacturing, general is to require not less than 1500 tons. In the warehouse, if use plastic tray, then, is nine feet, chuan, tian words and double-sided such as these. In size, compared with 1111, 1210, 1208, such as plastic pallet manufacturers, if necessary, can also increase the steel tube on the plastic tray. 3. is light, medium, and heavy, by what? Is there a specific kinds representative? is light, medium, and heavy, according to the tray by it's own weight. If it is light, is for the 6 - 10 kg, give priority to with nine feet form; Medium are for the 10 - 20 kg, predominantly chuan son hotan fonts; And heavy, it is more than 20 kilograms, and double type.
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