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Plastic tray wholesale factory direct sale: the pros and cons of different production materials between you know?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
wholesale manufacturer direct production materials mainly have two kinds of HDPE polyethylene and HDPP polypropylene, both advantages and disadvantages of each material in different plastic tray material is suitable for different industries.

1: plastic tray wholesale manufacturers selling materials HDPE polythene.

HDPE polythene plastic with high crystallinity and nonpolar thermoplastic resin. Therefore, HDPE polythene material production of plastic tray with super cold tolerance, its cold resistance is superior to the cold resistance of polypropylene PP material production of plastic tray.

HDPE surface has milk-white, translucent shape. Polyethylene for most organisms, and the excellent tolerability and industrial chemicals.

plastic tray wholesale manufacturers selling HDPE polythene material advantages:

1, HDPE polythene corrosion resistance: such as corrosive oxidant ( Nitric acid) , aromatics ( Xylene) , halogenated hydrocarbon ( Carbon tetrachloride) ;

  2。 Anti-static: HDPE with good resistance, especially high dielectric strength, suitable for wire and cable.

3, waterproof, not bibulous, polymer with good water resistance, can be used for packaging purposes.

4, strong resistance to impact: in fact, polymer at room temperature in the low - even 40 f temperature has excellent resistance to impact.

plastic pallet material introduction 2: HDPP polypropylene

HDPP polypropylene avirulent insipidity. It is a kind of high polymer crystallization, milky white, density is only 0. 90 - — '0. 91 g/cm3 is one of the lightest of all plastic varieties.

plastic tray wholesale manufacturers selling polypropylene performance advantages:

1, good chemical stability: HDPP polypropylene has good chemical stability, not easy to absorb moisture, and the integration of most chemicals.

2, pure polypropylene materials, non-toxic.

3, strong resistance to impact, mechanical performance is superior to other polyethylene, processing performance is good;

4, light weight, density of polypropylene is 0. 89 - 0. 91, is one of the most light plastic.

5, dielectric performance is good, does not produce static electricity.

HDPP polypropylene material defects: the cold resistance is poor.

plastic tray wholesale manufacturers selling materials are divided into two kinds of high density polyethylene and high density polypropylene. The common advantage of two materials is: non-toxic tasteless, antistatic, not bibulous, impact resistant ability.

these two kinds of plastic tray wholesale manufacturers selling material has its own advantages: HDPE polythene plastic tray is suitable for the refrigeration industry, HDPP polypropylene plastic tray is suitable for high temperature industry.

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