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Plastic tray with bearing the weight of the relationship

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
For the weight of the Plastic collapsible cratebefore the 1210 double grid shows the weight of the plastic pallet, but whether the modelling of plastic tray, material qualitative, thickening, the different is reinforced, lead to the weight difference of the spring.

the pallet itself, the weight of the pallet itself generally light 6 - 10 kilograms, the shape is given priority to with nine feet form, medium weight tray in 10 - 20 kg, general is given priority to with sichuan words, field type, heavy tray for more than 20 kilograms, generally for the double type.
on the market most of the plastic pallet manufacturers of single pallet weight in three to nine feet 5 kg. Mainly depends on the size. Blow molding tray relative will be lighter in weight.
plastic pallet weight is related to the bearing weight of the plastic tray, weight generally focus on 6 - Around 50 kg, 10 kg plastic tray dynamic load at 0. The tray dynamic load 5 tons, 15 kg 1 tons, 25 kg dynamic load 1. 5 tons, more than 30 kg can achieve dynamic load of 2 tons.

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