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Plastic tray with plastic turnover box can be used?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-06
with plastic turnover box can be used? Plastic pallets and plastic turnover box can be used? Of course, the next plastic pallet manufacturers under the small make up to give you specific explanation. Plastic turnover box filled with things after stacking together, neatly stacked on the plastic tray, and then USES the forklift loading and unloading, has the advantages of convenient, efficient, fast. assembly packaging is a kind of important assembly packaging, it is the difference between common characteristics of transport packaging, is at any time in the condition of can be turned into motion, makes for a dynamic static cargo goods. From different point of view, the tray assembly packaging is not only the packaging method, and the means of transport, and packaging container. A collection of small packing unit, it is a kind of packing method; From the perspective of the status of it is suitable for transportation. It is a transportation tool; From its protection of the goods, it is a kind of packing container. The use of plastic tray is to put some pieces of goods together stacking or use forklift truck transportation, stacked on the carrier tray, constitute a large cargo packaging form. Plastic pallet packing is in order to meet the mechanization of loading and unloading and handling of a package. Plastic turnover box is a kind of suitable for short-distance transport, packaging can be long-term repeated use of John. At the same time, it is a kind of open, not tied, users don't have to open the package to transport packaging. All factory pin hooks, quick into the commodity turnover and text are used, to assign to convey function for transport packaging. Its role has three: one is the identification of the goods, send and receive goods management; In the second, express logistics should adopt protective measures; Three is to identify dangerous goods, suggesting that should adopt protective measures, to ensure the safety in logistics. So, plastic pallet manufacturers shipping marks also is divided into three types: one is the shipping mark, or packing identification marks: second, storage and transportation graphic symbol; 3 it is sign of dangerous goods.
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