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Plastic tray within the status quo analysis

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
The pallet professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing in September 2002 in Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, guangzhou in four big cities of more than 300 production, transportation, warehousing and distribution enterprises, from the tray, the status, existing problems and how to solve the aspects such as, usage of Chinese tray on the specific understanding and analysis of this work is helpful to strengthen the coordination and guidance of the pallet industry, also for logistics management and related enterprises have provided valuable information and advice. (1) the existing tray of the material of the pallet professional committee of China federation of logistics and purchasing a preliminary investigation showed that China now has about 50 million ~ 70 million pieces of various kind of tray, increasing output of 20 million a year. With wooden even tray accounted for about 90%, plastic even tray (8%), steel tray, composite tray and paper tray together accounted for 2%. Composite materials even tray and Plastic collapsible crateup larger proportion. 2 standard and main specifications of the current, the Chinese pallet specifications too messy. In addition to the mechanical industry system using JB3003 - 81 800 mm x 1000 mm and 500 mm to 800 mm tray of two kinds of specifications, in 1996, the ministry of transportation academy and proposed ISO6780:1988 'transport general pinto plate of main dimensions and tolerances' equivalent use tray for China national standards. Later, the state bureau of technical supervision in GB/T2934 - 1996 standard series of the approval and release the equivalent standards, including the 1200 mm * 1000 mm, 1200 mm * 800 mm, 1140 mm * 1140 mm and 1219 mm * 1016 mm, etc. 4 pallet specifications.
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