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Plastic turnover box appear off color should be how to solve?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-06
Plastic turnover box appear off color should be how to solve? Plastic turnover box customized product there will be some color difference, so you know this kind of phenomenon application how to solve? Plastic pallet manufacturers to introduce the detailed below: first of all business personnel to communicate with the customer for color, than, after the implementation of a specific to a international color card color number, and recorded in the form of text. Next, we will try according to color card number to make color version to the customer to confirm again, we all know the international color card is printed matter, and try to color version of the injection molding have obvious difference in the color depth, through the test version of the confirmation of color, the color of the vast majority of problems can be solved. Particularly high for color standard requirements of enterprises, we must also consider other factors that influence the color metaphor said mold, injection molding machine in the corner residue color effect on product; Masterbatch masterbatch and the effects of mixing uniformity; Coloring the choice of products, the industry commonly used color masterbatch and toner two kinds of material, pigment color is more bright, also not easy to fade, plastic turnover box adopts masterbatch color matching. Some impact on production technology of color at the same time, the injection molding machine and local overheating, uneven temperature can also affect the color, anyway as long as we are plastic pallet manufacturers to put the needs of customers first, service attentively, implement the above link, plastic turnover box off color problem is no longer a problem.
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