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Plastic turnover box effectively reduces transportation costs

by:Qusheng     2021-02-24
The plastic crates is a container that can store important items. It can be transported or stored for short-term items, and can be reused. In addition, the characteristics of plastic turnover basket are insect-proof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and long service life, generally more than three years. Nowadays, the use of plastic turnover baskets is very popular. In addition to the commonly used blue, plastic turnover boxes also have red, yellow, blue, green and black for their choices. How to choose the color of plastic turnover baskets in the process of use is for just getting started in this industry. Or people who don't know much about turnover baskets are a very headache. Most of the plastic turnover boxes are made of propylene copolymer. This material can give the turnover baskets better rigidity, mechanical properties, dimensional stability and heat deformation resistance, strong environmental adaptability, and can be used outdoors and cold storage at -18 degrees Celsius In storage. Plastic turnover boxes are generally of frame structure without cover. Can be divided into compartments and no compartments; the surface of the box with or without holes; shallow box and deep type. In order to reduce the volume occupied by some plastic turnover boxes after use and during transportation, they are designed with a flip and telescopic structure, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of empty boxes.
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