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Plastic turnover box is a must for modern logistics

by:Qusheng     2021-02-24
is a commonly used container for storing items. It can be used in cooperation with many containers. It is manufactured with the world's unique rotating membrane technology. It is equipped with marine stainless steel locks and a rubber anti-skid pad at the bottom, which is non-toxic and tasteless. Today, when the logistics industry is paying more and more attention, plastic turnover boxes are essential products for production and logistics companies to carry out modern logistics management. There are many types of turnover boxes, which can be roughly divided into two categories according to use and function. In the meantime, it can be divided into: plastic collapsible box, conductive turnover box, flame-retardant turnover box, parts turnover box, instrument turnover box, beverage turnover box, pesticide turnover box, precision instrument inner packaging, medicine packaging box, postal service Packing boxes, pads, partitions, fruit turnover boxes, etc. for packaging of electronic components; according to their functions, they can be divided into: stackable turnover boxes, plug-in turnover boxes, and folding turnover boxes. In recent years, in response to development needs, a new type of turnover box has been presented, also called diagonally inserted logistics box, or diagonally inserted turnover box. Inclined insertion type turnover box: modified PP material, moisture-proof, durable, easy to clean, adapt to ambient temperature -20℃~75℃, empty boxes can be inserted and stacked each other, with bending resistance, anti-aging, high bearing strength, tension and compression , Tearing, high temperature, rich colors, made into a packaging box type turnover box can be used for both turnover and finished product shipment packaging, lightweight, durable, and stackable. Various specifications and sizes can be customized according to user needs, aluminum alloy edging, can be stamped, dustproof, and beautiful in appearance. It saves space and effectively reduces transportation costs. It is often used in the logistics and distribution process. It is especially suitable for tobacco, books and other industries. It can be stacked in four layers when fully loaded. It is widely used in commercial circulation, distribution and storage. It can be mechanized to transport, realize the rationalization of circulation, improve work efficiency, and facilitate management. The general plastic turnover box is designed and manufactured according to the size provided by the customer, so as to achieve the most reasonable loading, and multiple boxes can be overlapped, effectively using the plant space, increasing the storage volume of parts and saving production costs.
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