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Plastic turnover box packaging in the product, these must not be missed. Product packaging turnover box, choose Suzhou Qusheng plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-03
What are the unmissable little knowledge of plastic crates packaging in the product? Today, Miss Wen will discuss with everyone, what are the precautions for plastic turnover box packaging? Looking back at the previous articles, we almost understand the inevitability of plastic turnover boxes in manufacturing, transportation and packaging. So what should we pay attention to in this process? First, let's analyze the load-bearing, load-bearing and stacking of plastic crates to learn from these three aspects. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of plastic crates is ≥3kg, ≤35kg, and the load is generally 3/4 of the load. . The stacking is generally 4 layers, but can also be three or five layers, with a plastic pallet in the middle, and the stacking can reach about 15-20 layers. After understanding the load-bearing, load, and stacking of plastic turnover boxes, it is easier to understand what precautions for plastic crates product packaging, such as not stacking too high or too heavy. This is the precautions for the province to pay attention to plastic turnover boxes. So what needs to be paid attention to in the product? This is very simple and very important, especially the irregularity of the product needs to be paid attention to. What should we do? At this time, we need to use pearl cotton or bubble film Wait for various products to protect the product from damage. Well, I have introduced these little knowledge about the plastic turnover box packaging in the product here. If you have good related suggestions or want to know about the plastic crates products, you can consult the homepage phone number. How to distinguish the pros and cons of plastic crates in the selection process? Here we can start from the following points. 1. The scale of the manufacturer. The size of the manufacturer and the age of the company have a great influence on the quality of plastic turnover boxes. Generally, the quality of small factories or manufacturers with a short time to open the factory are relatively uneven. Second, look at the appearance of the color, the appearance of the product with more obvious spots and burrs on the outside, the quality is generally not too high. There are many other factors, you can call the phone at the top of the page: consultation editor.
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