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Plastic turnover box performance

by:Qusheng     2021-02-24
It has flexural resistance, aging resistance, high load-bearing strength, stretch, compression, tearing, high temperature, rich colors, and it can be made into a plastic crates mold. Packaging box type turnover box can be used for both turnover and finished product shipment. The packaging is light and compact. Durable and stackable. Various specifications and sizes can be customized according to user needs, aluminum alloy edging, can be stamped, dustproof, beautiful and generous It can be applied to industries such as hardware, electronics, mechanical parts, refrigeration, storage, and transportation. Generally, the hollow board turnover box is designed and manufactured according to the size provided by the customer, so as to achieve the most reasonable loading, and multiple boxes can be overlapped, effectively using the plant space, increasing the storage volume of parts, and saving production costs. Today, when logistics management is increasingly valued by the majority of enterprises, turnover boxes help to complete the generalization and integrated management of logistics containers. It is a must for modern logistics management of production and distribution enterprises.
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