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Plastic turnover box precision-an inevitable application in quasi-high-density storage environment Suzhou Qusheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on plastic turnover

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
As the name suggests, the high-density storage environment, or this explanation, some people still don't know much about the high-density storage environment. I believe Ms. Wen will give a simple example to understand it at a glance. The high-density storage environment means that 100 cubic meters of space are used to store 80% or even more than 19% of items, and a small part of the space is left for work. This is the high-density storage space. People can see it at a glance. So what position does plastic crates occupy in high-density storage space? Here we need to start from the high-density storage environment. Due to the adaptation of space, the scope of activities of workers is constantly shrinking. So how to ensure the safety and stability of items during the transportation process in a limited space? Especially for some products that are relatively large in size or weight, the packaging of products or items is particularly important in a high-density storage environment with small activities, not only can not damage the quality of the product, but also requires the packaging workers during the operation. An-quan. When choosing packaging for packaging, we must not only consider the basic packaging function, but also consider its protection for the products and the protection of the operators. At this time, the application of plastic crates is needed. The first thing about plastic crates is its stability and lightness. It is very easy to move up and down, especially in the high-density storage environment. The operation and transportation of workers, and the high-quality plastic turnover box has a long service life, which can be said to save a fortune for the enterprise.
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