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Plastic turnover box used on fruit transportation advantage

by:Qusheng     2020-11-14
Freight occupies important position in the industry, however, according to different goods have different requirements, delivery of food and clothing of the packaging is different, especially easy oxidation of some of the fruit, but also carry a science. In order to keep the fruit in the long-distance transportation may encounter some problems, especially in the outside of the fruit, the turnover box packaging, effective way to avoid the possibility of some situation.
plastic turnover box sealing, can guarantee the fruit in a sealed environment prevent oxidation. Fruit left the leaves will gradually wither, the longer the easier it in the air oxidation, of course it is the common sense in life problem, everyone know. Outside of the fruit packed in sealed plastic box, can avoid the fruit comes into contact with air, reduce oxidation reaction in transit.
solid shape of fruit has played a good protection effect. General fruit skin is thin, in the transport way is likely to have the possibility of friction and collision, friction and collision will result in loss of fruit. Added to the outside of the fruit of turnover box packaging, however, can effectively avoid collisions, reduce fruit loss in transit.
water proofing property is the attribute of a turnover box, keep the fruit fresh and dry. Fruit for a long time of soaking in the water will also occur oxidation and deterioration, in order to avoid transit met rainy day, the best approach is to use turnover box, effectively isolates the rain outside the box, ensure the fruit fresh from the rain.

transport fruit must leave the turnover box's help, to guarantee the fresh fruit, can avoid more loss in transit, solve the loss of business. Fresh fruit is because of the protection of the turnover box, to come into our lives.

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