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Plastic turnover boxes appear with the continuous development of science and technology

by:Qusheng     2021-02-24
Plastic turnover boxes appear with the continuous development of science and technology, because in various production industries, the use of plastic turnover boxes puts forward new requirements on technology and equipment. So what kind of molding cycle does the plastic turnover box have in production? is well known, plastic turnover box is formed by injection molding machine at one time. Here we need to pay attention to the problem of a molding cycle. The so-called molding cycle refers to the time required to complete an injection molding process, so some people call it the molding cycle. The molding cycle of plastic turnover boxes can directly affect production efficiency and equipment utilization, so we need to pay special attention. First of all, before the molten material at the gate is frozen, the holding time will have a big impact on the accuracy of the product size. The holding time depends on the material temperature, mold temperature and the size of the main runner and gate. If the dimensions of the sprue and the gate and the process conditions are normal, usually the pressure value that obtains the smallest fluctuation range of the product shrinkage rate shall prevail. Secondly, the cooling time can also affect the demoulding of the plastic turnover box. The cooling time should be based on the principle of ensuring that the plastic crates products do not cause changes when they are demolded, generally about 30 to 120 seconds. Excessive cooling time will not only reduce production efficiency, but will also cause demolding difficulties for complex parts, and demolding stress may even occur when forced demolding. The future plastic crates will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the improvement of the overall level, develop multi-functional, high-efficiency, low-consumption products, and realize the development path of industrialization. Therefore, its technological innovation should minimize the relevant time in the molding cycle under the premise of ensuring quality to ensure that the product can maintain the best molding state.
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