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Plastic turnover boxes lead to more precise logistics automation supply chain Plastic turnover boxes lead to more precision logistics automation supply chain

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
E-commerce has been a term that has not diminished in the past ten years. Ten years of ups and downs, ten years of streaming optoelectronics business, from the initial suspicion of everyone to now everyone wants to share a piece of the pie, in addition to the development of e-commerce The convenience is also recognized by more and more people. Speaking of e-commerce, there will never be a topic of logistics. The so-called logistics includes all transport-related industries such as express delivery, logistics, and freight. The first process in the logistics industry is the sorting and sorting of goods. load. Imagine how to distinguish the purpose of the circulation of goods among the piles of goods. What needs to be done at this time is sorting. So how to sort? A few years ago, the traditional sorting was manual sorting. The so-called manual sorting means that the goods are sorted one by one in a manual manner. However, with the increasing development of science and technology in recent years, automatic machinery has gradually replaced manual labor. The sorting process is still retained, but it does not require a lot of labor. One automated equipment can only work for 5-10 people in the past, which saves costs. However, a special tool is needed in this process-plastic crates. Because automation greatly accelerates the speed of manual sorting, a large number of plastic boxes are needed to turn the goods sorted by the automated machinery and quickly The classification of products, especially in the era of transparent, agile, and precise traffic, the value of goods and customer experience are completely ranked first. Qusheng Co., Ltd. is keenly aware of market changes and seizes market conditions. In addition to offline marketing, it has also opened online marketing in response to market changes, and is committed to providing more and better plastic turnover boxes for the manufacturing industry of major logistics industries. Products and quality services.
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