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Plastic turnover boxes use Weiyan intelligence to simplify transportation in the logistics industry! Suzhou Qusheng plastic turnover box manufacturer, high quality and good price

by:Qusheng     2021-03-07
According to Wulian Daily, WeChat officially launched the WeChat intelligent dialogue system with artificial intelligence speech recognition as the core. How do you explain it? That is, through instant messaging such as applets, QQ music, and Penguin FM, users can get multi-faceted intelligent services by connecting to Xiaowei through headsets, speakers and other devices. According to statistics, the two major e-commerce operating platforms of Alibaba and JD.com have begun to focus on the deployment of smart logistics. According to the new information released by the Internet of Things on January 8, 2019, the two sessions in Shunyi, Huawei released the database switch CloudEngine 16800 analysis for the AI u200bu200bera. According to current user traffic The performance of self-adaptive self-optimization, AI computing power data storage capacity will be greatly improved and improved. Then, under the impact of such a comprehensive era of data, whether it is the manufacturing, transportation and logistics industry, or the service industry have already begun gearing up for a share. As a manufacturer and service provider, what kind of strategic deployment does Qusheng turnover box manufacturer have in 2019 in this era? For this reason, Qusheng plastic box held the following meeting on January 21, 2019 for the development direction of 2019 plastic box. The meeting pointed out that in 2019, in addition to the current Ali sales platform, Qusheng will pay more attention to the overall quality of plastic boxes, starting from the source, focusing on three aspects of production, tracking and sales, and making every effort to make high-quality plastic containers. Qusheng turnover box, a different 2019, a new era, welcome to buy.
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