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Precautions for the handling of turnover boxes Professional manufacturer of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-03-07
When moving the turnover box, we must carry it in the correct way, so as to ensure the service life of the turnover box. Then, Qusheng Plastics will explain to you what you should pay attention to when moving the turnover box: 1. The outer size refers to the size without lid, so the standard configuration refers to the size with lid 2. The inner size refers to the lower mouth size of the turnover box 3. If you buy a turnover box with a lid, then The height corresponds to an increase of 1.5cm4. The carrying capacity in the product description provided by Qusheng Plastics refers to the carrying capacity of uniform stacking under normal conditions. 5. The product size error is about ±3, and the weight error is also about ±3. The diagonal change rate in the box ≤1 is within the range allowed by the enterprise standard. Adapt to ambient temperature: -25℃ to +60℃. Of course, exposure and ultra-low temperature are necessary as much as possible. All Qusheng plastic products can be processed into antistatic or conductive products according to customer requirements. 6. It is forbidden to place the turnover box indiscriminately, and cannot be placed in an environment of oily, damp, or exposed to the sun, and cannot be thrown at will when placing heavy objects. The lifespan of the turnover box is very long under normal use, so it can also be recycled. So Qusheng Plastic reminds you that in order to reduce these unnecessary costs, proper use will bring unexpected benefits to the enterprise. Precautions for use and maintenance , You can also go to the information previously released by Qusheng to check.
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