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Product refinement of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
Plastic pallet as common logistics turnover auxiliary device in the logistics industry, the rapid growth in a short span of a few years. But in the market competition is increasingly fierce tray, Plastic collapsible cratehas been refined series tray products classification, in order to improve the plastic pallet price.
plastic tray products refined mainly from several aspects:
material refined:
from the traditional PVC plastic tray, on modification upgrades, material production developed more heat-resistant solid CPVC plastic tray. Cpvc is made of PVC modified new engineering plastics.
model refinement:
from the early single plastic tray, turn into a double-sided plastic tray, added more usage. Refinement is another model, derived by the plane of nine feet plastic tray, save costs, not just when it is applied in conventional also narrowed the spatial pattern, and is more conducive to transportation and storage.

nine feet tray 1200 * 1000

the color of the elaboration:
from pure blue plastic tray, refine out all sorts of color of plastic tray, the classification requirements necessary for warehouse and logistics.
the quality of the Plastic collapsible crateand function will directly affect the work of the whole logistics supply chain efficiency. demand is obviously increasing trend in recent years, with rapid economic development also has a close relationship.

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