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Professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box with cover

by:Qusheng     2021-03-05
The oblique plug-in turnover box with cover is made of high-quality modified PP or PE. Because of its oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, it is widely used in the distribution and storage of automobiles, tobacco, home appliances, and medicine. It can be inserted into each other when not loading goods. Stacking can save storage costs and stacking space, and also reduce transportation costs. It can also be used in conjunction with pallets, which can be quickly transported and improve work efficiency. Then the oblique plug-in turnover box with lid has the following characteristics: 1. The box body has a new type of barrier-free handle, which conforms to the principle of ergonomics, which is convenient to grab the box body and make the handling fast. The handle has enough length to ensure that the empty box can be pulled out smoothly after being inserted. 2. The smooth inner surface and rounded corner design not only increase the strength but also facilitate cleaning. The empty boxes can be stacked freely by oblique insertion, and there is no phenomenon such as insufficient stacking. 3. The joint between the lid and the long side of the box adopts galvanized steel wire as the hinge shaft connection, and the anti-theft mode is closed. If there is no special tool, the box cannot be opened by external force without damaging the box. At the same time, the lid and the box The short side of the body is designed with an anti-theft lock hole device to prevent items from being scattered or stolen during transportation and distribution. 4. There is a large area of u200bu200bnon-slip leather pattern on the surface of the box cover, which is easy to stick labels. At the same time, it increases the friction when stacking with the bottom of the box and improves the stability. 5. The long side wall of the box is designed with stiffeners to improve the loading capacity and reduce the deformation rate of the side wall. 6. The connection between the zigzag box cover and the box body is reasonable to ensure the strength and smooth opening. The box covers can be freely engaged with each other without jamming. The box cover closes smoothly to ensure the sealing of the box body and the pressure during stacking. 7. The bottom of the box body is designed with non-slip leather pattern, which helps to improve the stability of the turnover box during storage and stacking, and it runs more smoothly on the assembly line. 8. After the cover is closed, stacking is appropriate to each other, and the short-side stacking limit block serves as a limit to prevent misalignment and displacement, ensuring that it will not slide when fully loaded. 9. The company logo can be printed, and information such as the name of the manufacturer, trademark, specifications, materials, and production date can be indicated in the free position for easy management.
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