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Pull each other plastic tray and logistics industry

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
with the logistics industry to pull each other

the logistics industry in our country is in rapid development phase, from 2003 to 2005, was registered in Shanghai alone the nearly thousand logistics company; Domestic logistics industry is relatively developed guangdong province, more than seventy percent nearly two years of average annual business growth of more than 30%. According to incomplete statistics, at present our country logistics enterprises, which has more than 3000 total. Some experts predict that the next five years the logistics industry in China will be at an average annual rate of more than 20% growth. The logistics industry fast development, pushes the bearing - — — Tray manufacturing, especially the rapid development of plastic pallet manufacturing.

compared with the traditional wooden pallets, plastic tray with moistureproof, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, high hardness, long service life, easy to recycle, etc; Compared with the metal tray, plastic tray is qualitative light, cheap, easy to manufacture, circulation, low cost advantage. Thus plastic tray once appear, immediately in the western developed countries and Japan and South Korea and other countries is widely used. By 2005, the logistics industry in developed countries in the world by more than 40% of the plastic tray, while the proportion was only 8% in our country. 300 million, the annual production of about 30 billion yuan, including wooden pallets (90%). But as global environmental pressures, to cut down trees and wood products using range are made strict rules, lumber prices climbed straight line, so China's wooden pallet landslide situation will also change. China's forest resources, less environmental pressure, the ministry of railways issued in 2005 to ban in the process of the railway transportation regulations on the use of wooden pallets, this will make the wooden pallet in the logistics industry for the future proportion decreases gradually, while plastic tray must be the best alternative. is easy to obtain raw materials, with its manufacturing technology promotion, price and the wooden pallet, but life is 5 ~ 7 times the wooden pallets, and is easy to be recycled. Draw lessons from foreign experience, the situation of our country plastic pallet and wooden pallet tied to form, and has a tendency to eventually replace the wooden pallet.

in fact, China plastic pallet industry development is very rapid. Since industrialization in the late 1990 s to achieve plastic tray, plastic tray yield average annual growth of around 10% in China. In 2004, our country plastic tray production capacity of 240000 tons, more than double the 1998, but still can not meet domestic speeding the development of the logistics demand for plastic tray. Experts expect, even calculated at 20% of market share, a year over the next 5 ~ 10 years in our country needs new plastic tray also have 2 million ~ 3 million, year output can reach 700 million ~ 1 billion yuan. For plastic pallet manufacturing enterprises, is undoubtedly the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Based on this, some domestic large scale and strong tray manufacturing companies, such as haili makes CARDS, jiangsu feather, Beijing cheng, such as production capacity. Some foreign large-scale logistics and tray manufacturing giant also unwilling to lag behind, have swarmed into China. As the world's largest plastic pallet manufacturers - — — Swiss PPAL company has scheduled in guangdong maoming construction with a total investment of 300 million euros ( The first phase investment of 100 million euro) , plastic tray, 60 million with an annual output of the world largest production base of plastic tray.

although the logistics industry rapid development has brought to plastic pallet industry a rare opportunity, but there is no denying that, because is still in its infancy, small scale, backward production technology is significantly less than pallet manufacturing. Manufacturing enterprises of more than 300 currently has the size of the tray, but the annual output of one million only the size of the enterprise is less than 10%. Together with pallet standardization system in our country has not been established, tray sharing system is more impossible to set up and improve in a short time, at present many enterprises are based on user needs, design and manufacturing, make the pallet manufacturing industry in our country is very chaotic, tray as many as dozens of specifications on the market, this will greatly influence the rapid development of logistics industry in our country, which in turn affect the healthy development of the pallet industry.
now, no industry standard pallet industry problem has drawn national attention. According to the introduced in August 2005, the national logistics standard from 2005 to 2010 development plan ', from 2005 to 2006 in China will complete the GB/T2934-1996 'transport general pinto plate of main dimensions and tolerances of the revision, with perfect standard, domestic tray industry will develop into the standardization and normalization of the new stage, and plastic pallet will also with its unique advantages to get greater development in the field of logistics. But it is worth noting that due to a formal standard has not been issued, tray standard size has been set, the plastic tray manufacturing enterprises and related molding machine manufacturing enterprises, should pay close attention to the revision of the relevant national standards and formulate, adjust and use in accordance with the national standard of equipment and production lines, not blindly the horse is not in conformity with the national standard of tooling, equipment and production lines, so as not to bring bigger loss.

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