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Questions about turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-07
The study on the turnover box, today the turnover box manufacturer editor will continue, because this is also the work we all need to carry out, and we cannot be careless. So, based on this, and now that the editor has some free time, let's continue on the basis of the previous one, hoping to give you some specific and useful things, so as to benefit a lot from it. 1. The material of the turnover box is HDPE, so what are its major advantages? The material of the turnover box is HDPE, so its big advantage is that its service life is relatively long. 2. What should be paid attention to when cleaning the dirt in the turnover box? When cleaning the dirt in the turnover box, you should pay attention to the following aspects: Aspect 1: Choose a cleaning solution with good quality and good cleaning effect, and it should be non-toxic and pollution-free. Aspect 2: Clean the dead corners and other parts of the turnover box. In addition, the cleaning fluid cannot remain after cleaning. 3. What determines the carrying capacity of the turnover box? The carrying capacity of the turnover box is determined by the wall thickness and reinforcement ribs of the turnover box. Shanghai Industrial Park Qusheng Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Plastics No. 1 Factory) was established in 1956. It is a well-known enterprise in the industry specializing in the production of logistics packaging equipment. It has accumulated more than 60 years of professional and technical experience in plastic processing and has the right to import and export. It ranks among the forefront of China's plastic processing enterprises announced by the National Bureau of Statistics. The company has nearly 220 employees and the factory covers an area of u200bu200b20,000 square meters. The company is located in Shanghai Industrial Park. The product quality and reputation of the logistics turnover box company has been praised by many customers. It has successively developed logistics boxes, home appliances and auto parts with special needs for many well-known companies; long-term cooperation with nearly 1,000 companies to provide food and medicine The packaging and logistics equipment used in product distribution in various fields such as books, tobacco, e-commerce, clothing, auto parts, etc., through the development of new products each year, the accumulation of product varieties has reached nearly 300 varieties.
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