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Qusheng plastic plastic turnover box product design concept, professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-02-26
Qusheng plastic plastic turnover box product design ideas and concepts. 1. Security||Totality. We consider the following: ①Product use environment. ② Box bottom molding technology. ③Half wrap angle design. ④The bottom leather pattern design. ⑤Strengthen structure design of the gripping part of the manipulator. 2. Convenience. We consider the following: ①The convenience of operation by production personnel. ②Convenience of the cleaning operation of the cabinet. ③The convenience of label pasting in the barcode area. 3. How to save costs. We consider the following: ①Save man-hours and reduce production costs. ②The box is strong and durable, saving investment. 4. Environmental protection. We consider the following: ①The environmental protection of materials. ②Recyclability. Safety||Comprehensiveness: the design of the structural strength of the bottom of the plastic turnover box. The bottom of the plastic turnover box adopts double bottom one-step molding technology, which is better than the traditional double bottom secondary molding sonic welding|||joining technology. Good, it can avoid the desoldering caused by the long time bearing of the box. It can also save man-hours and reduce production costs. Compared with the traditional box type, the wrap angle design of the plastic turnover box has better load-bearing and anti-collision performance, and the stacking is more stable. The leather pattern design on the bottom of the plastic turnover box increases friction, makes the box run more smoothly on the drum assembly line, and the shelf storage is more secure. Convenience: The design of the stacking area of u200bu200bthe manipulator of the plastic turnover box is convenient for the manipulator to grasp. The design of the handle of the plastic crates conforms to the ergonomics, which makes the handling process more convenient and quick for the operator. The design of the leaking hole of the plastic turnover box and the design of multiple outlets are convenient for automatic cleaning equipment. The design of label sticking in the barcode area of u200bu200bthe plastic turnover box is convenient and easy to tear off the label and not easy to stick to the box. Cost reduction: double-bottom structure design of plastic turnover box: the bottom of the box adopts double-bottom one-time molding technology, which saves man-hours and reduces production costs. The double-bottomed disposable forming turnover box has a service life of at least 3 years and can ensure that it runs more than 100,000 times on the drum assembly line. It plays a vital role in reducing costs and increasing benefits for enterprises. Environmental protection: Material environmental protection: The use of new environmentally friendly PP material injection molding, from the source to ensure the environmental protection of the plastic turnover box, improve product life cycle. Recycling and environmental protection: The waste plastic turnover box provides a recycling treatment plan according to a certain proportion to solve the recycling problem of the customer's waste plastic turnover box.
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