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Recycled plastic become the new tendency of plastics industry

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
As we all know, there are some plastic product is difficult to fully biodegradable materials. In the case of not reasonable recovery exercise, a lot of waste plastic products are discarded into the ocean of life, the cause of Marine pollution. Streets plastic garbage is also can be seen everywhere. As usual industrial plastic products are recycled in processing, such as: plastic tray, plastic turnover box, plastic crate many industrial fields such as products.
our country is the world's largest producer of plastic product and consumer, as the volume has increased year by year, is bound to produce a large amount of waste plastic. How useful the waste plastic, waste is the industry at present is special is to face the problem. At present, the renewable resources have become a special industrial production is very nervous source of raw materials. Of the industry in the national economy status and role, is also gradually highlights. Recycled plastic industry has become a new trend in the plastic industry. For recycled plastic industry environmental protection finishing important focus on two points, one is the waste plastic import and flow to the topic, but in the process of reprocessing the environmental pollution caused by the subject.

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